The Tourism Development Corporation of The Bahamas

Business Development Unit

Widening entrepreneurship opportunities and strengthening existing Tourism MSME’s

The aim of the Business Development Unit of the Tourism Development Corporation is to Widen entrepreneurship opportunities and strengthen existing Tourism MSME’s throughout The Commonwealth of The Bahamas. Through expert business development sessions and key training opportunities, the business development unit creates a learning environment for entrepreneurs to not only grow their business but also successfully sustain it. The Business Development Unit can help tourism businesses at any stage of their development ensuring they are equipped to maximize their earning potential.


For more information on business development at the TDC give us a call at: 242-603-4850.

Ongoing Projects

Registry of Tourism Professionals

The tourism industry is the engine that keeps the country running and we want to know who the individuals are that drive this engine. This registry will be the all-encompassing listing of Bahamian tourism professionals around the world.

If you are a tourism professional we salute YOU and ask that you take a few minutes to complete the form below.

Bahamas Association of Shore Experiences (BASE)

The late Norman Solomon created BASE in the early 1970s as a means of bringing shore excursion businesses together in an organized fashion, to serve the burgeoning tourism trade. In 2017, BASE was envisioned as an integral part of TDC’s strategic plan because the vast number of tourism SMEs were not organized and had sporadic representation and therefore no voice.

BASE will work on behalf of tourism entrepreneurs to provide members with benefits sourced on behalf of the many and because of the organization’s intended size, it will afford them a larger share of voice when negotiating with Government. It is hoped that BASE will become such a serious and strong lobby that they will be invited to the table to speak for their members alongside legacy organizations like the BHTA.

If you are interested in becoming a part of BASE please complete the form below.

Liability Insurance

Liability coverage pays for property damage and/or injuries to another person caused by an accident in which you’re at fault. As a tour or excursion operator, you need excursion insurance to be recommended and listed as an excursion option for cruise lines. This coverage is also needed to protect you from the risks associated with both the tour activities themselves and your day-to-day business interactions and functions.

We’ll help you get the coverage you need. Please complete the form below for a FREE quote.

Upcoming Projects

TDC Supports Local Tourism Entrepreneurs

Whether you are an artisan, chef, tour operator, fisherman or a farmer, small or medium-sized enterprise, this portal is your source for accessing business development opportunities that will inform and educate you on how to increase your market share. Our success is realized when your business grows and expands and The Bahamas regains its position as the benchmark for tourism development.

Training & Workshops

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Previous Events

50x50 New Business Venture Pitch

The Tourism Development Corporation seeks to identify 50 NEW innovative tourism businesses throughout the islands of New Providence, Grand Bahama, Exuma, and Abaco and help them through the start-up process. The successful individuals will gain access to tourism grant funding.