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INCUBATION RFP - Construction Management Services


Construction Management Services

About Your Business (AYB)

Please state the size of the firm, the type of firm, firm background, and the location of the office.
Please include details of experience with projects of similar size and complexity to the project described. Please list only those projects where your firm was the construction manager of record, in which your firm's role was that of a pure Construction Manager and not a prime contractor, general contractor, architect/engineer, sub consultant or subcontractor. Kindly limit experience to the last seven years.
A list of references who may be contacted. This list should include past and present clients where your firm was the Construction Manager of record.
Please provide details regarding your prereferendum, preconstruction and construction phase services and the approach your firm would use to achieve our objectives.
Indicate the proposed team organization and identify key personnel including the project manager and field superintendent. Please include resumes for all key staff, outlining their roles on similar projects.
Submit a proposed fee structure based on a percentage of construction cost. For comparative purposes, assume the construction cost to be $2 million.
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