The Tourism Development Corporation of The Bahamas

Linkages Unit

The strategic pairing of Tourism Support industries to reduce leakage and increase economic viability

With the country’s geological makeup and the growth of our agricultural infrastructure, the Linkages Unit of the Tourism Development Corporation is on a mission to explore and create ways to bring together industries to enhance the touristic experience and grow our economy.

One of our primary goals is to reduce leakage by bringing together existing primary, secondary and tertiary industries and linking them to businesses that directly service our visitors and create memorable experiences.


Additionally, there are business opportunities where we will bring together local producers to the marketplace, negotiating and engaging buyers. We are that clearing house, the conduits – through which hotels, restaurants, and other businesses in mainstream tourism and hospitality will engage and purchase.

Ongoing Projects

AgriTourism Council

This Council is mandated to develop a national strategy for AgriTourism in The Islands of The Bahamas that summarizes the direction needed to sustainably grow the sector and increase market awareness of the targeted sectors through research/analysis while identifying product gaps in the market.

Cruise Committee

This committee will serve as a partner with the Cruise Lines while monitoring HOA commitments for concessions that are reserved for Bahamians such as tours, watersports, and entertainment. The aim is to entice more passengers to want to disembark while in port to shop, patronize bars and restaurants, and purchase tours and experiences. The committee will oversee entrepreneurs working on cruise islands and help them locally source souvenirs to ensure the authenticity of their product offering in local market stalls and gift shops at cruise facilities. The Cruise Committee will also serve as the body to address any grievances

TDC Supports Local Tourism Entrepreneurs

Whether you are an artisan, chef, tour operator, fisherman or a farmer, small or medium-sized enterprise, this portal is your source for accessing business development opportunities that will inform and educate you on how to increase your market share. Our success is realized when your business grows and expands and The Bahamas regains its position as the benchmark for tourism development.