The Tourism Development Corporation of The Bahamas

Product Development Unit

Strategizing new ways to enhance, rejuvenate and diversify the Tourism Product

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The Product Development Unit is the arm of the Tourism Development Corporation that has been charged with enhancing, developing, and diversifying the local tourism product across the eight (8) industry sectors.

Together with the Business Development Unit, the Product Development team provides handholding mixed support to MSMEs to accelerate their growth and development within the industry, resulting in more viable and sustainable tourism businesses. This unit works assiduously towards making the industry a more inclusive one; working closely with the TDC’s Linkages department to expand and diversify the tourism product by creating opportunities for primary, secondary, and tertiary businesses – from immersive Agritourism experiences like “Fish to Grill” to Orange Economy inclusion of artisans tasked with transforming and beautifying commonly traversed spaces.

Through ongoing assessments and analysis of our current product, we are continuously strategizing ways to rejuvenate and make improvements to our nation’s number one industry – seeking opportunities to commercialize new and innovative products and services as we aim to enhance the visitor experience and remain a globally competitive tourist destination.

Ongoing Projects

Creation of a Tourism Business Registry

This registry will serve as a comprehensive database for all Bahamian tourism-based operators and stakeholders across the eight (8) sectors – accommodations, adventure and recreation, attractions, food & beverage, events & conferences, travel trade, transportation, and tourism services.

Sustainable Certification Initiative & WTTC Stamp

Funded by the Inter-American Development Bank, the Sustainable Tourism Certification serves to establish a balance between the tourism industry and the local environment to ensure a long-term and viable tourism product without compromising the satisfaction of our visitors. Travel & Tourism Council’s (WTTC) Safe Travel Stamp is a forerunner to the Sustainable Certification program.

TDC Supports Local Tourism Entrepreneurs

Whether you are an artisan, chef, tour operator, fisherman or a farmer, small or medium-sized enterprise, this portal is your source for accessing business development opportunities that will inform and educate you on how to increase your market share. Our success is realized when your business grows and expands and The Bahamas regains its position as the benchmark for tourism development.