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Featured Program

50x50 and Venture Pitch Competition

The 50×50 program climaxes with the TDC Venture Pitch Competition, where entrepreneurs present their innovative tourism products, services or concepts before a blue-ribbon panel to secure grant funding.


This blue-ribbon panel will be comprised of key program partners and other industry stakeholders such as The Bahamas Ministry of Tourism, Investments & Aviation and Bahamas Chamber of Commerce.

Current Programs

National Tourism Business Registry

This registry seeks to collate data on all businesses in the eight sectors of tourism. The data collected will provide leaders in the sector with vital information required for future planning, sourcing training, and technical support for MSMEs and create a platform for strategy in diversification.

National Tourism Professionals’ Registry

This registry seeks to identify those professionals with the skills, qualifications, and experience within tourism and hospitality. These professionals (in and out of the country) will be accessible in the database for local and international investors seeking specialized skills and senior management or consultancy services within the tourism space.

National Farmers’ Registry

This registry seeks to amalgamate the listings of farmers and food producers throughout the islands of The Bahamas for the purpose of keeping a finger on the pulse of our food production capacity.

Upcoming Programs

Tourism Entrepreneurial Center Incubator

As a means of revitalizing the east Downtown Nassau District and provide further incentives for visitors to leave the cruise ship and cruise port, the Tourism Development Corporation seeks to provide an opportunity for twelve (12) new businesses to provide authentic products and tour and excursion experiences from a reasonably sized storefront in the incubation center. The Tourism Entrepreneurial Center will serve as both an office space, a retail outlet, as well as a kiosk for registering customers for the offsite experiences.


East Downtown Mural Project

To address the much-to-be-desired aesthetics of the east downtown Nassau district, the Tourism Development Corporation aims to activate several murals within the district.

We further aim to engage our high school and University of The Bahama Art programs in one of the special downtown Nassau Art projects. We believe this will lead the way for a full art district in the downtown Nassau area.

Bay Street Theme Garbage Bin Project

As a means of further enhancing the product in the high tourist traffic zone in New Providence, we have sought to provide themed garbage bins on every block in the downtown Nassau district both on the Bay Street and back street sides. Similar to the Disney concept, the local themes of Ocean Conservation, Pirates of The Bahamas, Junkanoo, and national heroes will disguise the bins making them less unsightly and useful in keeping our major thoroughfare pristine.

Top of the Hill (Delancey Town) Signage Project

This project brings together various public and private sector entities to enhance an authentic experience in a rich cultural and historic corridor of New Providence through wayfarer and directional signage.

Family Island Tourism Business Expo

These Family Island Activations seek to provide networking opportunities for micro, small, and medium-sized businesses throughout the islands of The Bahamas in the tourism space. The eight sectors will be brought together for training and conference support as well as business activations.

Hospitality Assured Business Certification Project

Hospitality Assured is a Caribbean Tourism Organization (CTO) Certification that seeks to encourage tourism and hospitality businesses in the region to look at their operation from the customers’ standpoint to see where enhancements should be made to benefit the customer and in return strengthen their businesses.