The Tourism Development Corporation of The Bahamas

Sectoral Engagement Unit

Encouraging collaboration within and across the sectors of Tourism!

The Bahamas tourism industry comprises many sectors, from the various types of accommodations and many forms of transportation to the exciting adventure and attraction offerings for visitors, tours and excursions, events, and conference facilities. Then there is food and beverage, and the channels visitors navigate and explore in getting to and from the destination. Finally, there are those critical entities like Customs, Immigration, Tourism Police Services, and others that shore up these encounters.

A company markets its products and services because it wants its potential clients to know that its goods and services exist. It is quite possible to have amazing products, even superior to the competition, and still not take advantage of the business opportunities. Our team’s job is to start and continue the conversation between everyone, touching the visitor experience in every inch of our archipelago. Airbnb operators need to have conversations with bonefish guides. Ferry boat operators need to be in daily contact with native restaurants on the island. When businesses that offer supplementary goods and services know what the other has to offer, it increases their interest and likelihood of local purchasing.

Ongoing Projects

Island to Island Market Place (Island Expos)

Displaying authentically Bahamian goods and services to tourists and locals, starting with the following Islands:


Grand Bahamas



TDC Supports Local Tourism Entrepreneurs

Whether you are an artisan, chef, tour operator, fisherman or a farmer, small or medium-sized enterprise, this portal is your source for accessing business development opportunities that will inform and educate you on how to increase your market share. Our success is realized when your business grows and expands and The Bahamas regains its position as the benchmark for tourism development.