The Tourism Development Corporation of The Bahamas

Tasman Darling

A trailblazer in Caribbean marketing and brand development, Mr. Tasman Darling first embarked on his advertising and marketing career at the Bahamas Ministry of Tourism immediately after his undergraduate studies. His early professional years saw him travelling extensively championing the Bahamas Ministry of Tourism brand across North America, Canada, and Europe, culminating in a nine-year tenure with the government.  

After many years with government his out of the box spirit led him to the private sector, making pivotal contributions at Cable Bahamas Ltd. He then played a seminal role in introducing and branding its parent company brand to the Bahamas. This also included the development of popular names including EyeWitness News, REV, REVON and REVTV. Expanding his horizon, Mr. Darling then collaborated with the Izmirlian Group as a Marketing consultant, bringing an authentic Bahamian touch to the Baha Mar’s new brand to The Bahamas, ensuring its resonance prior to the resort’s grand launch.

His drive for innovation found its zenith with the establishment of the Blue Orchid Group of companies. As the Managing Director of the internationally acclaimed Blue Orchid Advertising Agency Company Ltd, he leads a global team of highly crafted branding masterpieces for prominent brands like Global Port Holdings Ltd. and Piton Beer. The Blue Orchid Group company’s results-driven creative philosophy has been recognized with numerous accolades, including the Platinum Award at The Summit International 2018 and the Gold Winner Award at the International Muse Awards,among many other top international awards.


Mr. Darling’s leadership prowess extends beyond business. He has shouldered responsibilities as Vice Chairman and Board Member on various boards and committees, emphasizing the importance of corporate governance and structured management systems. He also holds the distinction of being an American Board Certified project Manager and numerous other certifications.

His profound knowledge of the Caribbean market is complemented by an unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction. Mr. Darling leads by example, consistently.


Beyond his professional achievements, he finds solace in his personal life and his faith. He is married and is a doting father to two amazing children.