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Join our Retail Tourism Entrepreneurial Centre

Embark on a transformative journey to success with our groundbreaking Tourism micro-retailing project for Bahamian entrepreneurs!

Through this innovative store concept, we are opening new doors for Bahamian brands, offering a convenient, accessible, and attractive space for businesses to showcase and sell their unique products.  

Our Commitment. Your Success.

Our mission is to provide a platform that enables small business owners to thrive in a dynamic retail landscape. We are committed to nurturing entrepreneurship, fostering creativity, and cultivating a vibrant local economy.

Our goal is to empower Bahamian brands in connecting with customers effortlessly, thereby contributing to the development of a robust small business community and enhancing our economy.

Become a micro-retailer and experience the benefits

Cost Savings

Affordable retail spaces and shared resources increase profit margins.


Enhanced Visibility

Prime location ensures a constant flow of potential customers and a competitive advantage over less visible and accessible businesses.


Marketing and Brand Recognition

Direct exposure through shared marketing and promotional initiatives, attracting new customers, and generating increased foot traffic.


Networking and Cross-Promotion Opportunities

Networking opportunities for mutually beneficial partnerships, leveraging customer bases and enhanced marketing through joint efforts.


Flexibility and Adaptability

Flexible environment that allows for quick adaptation to rapidly changing market trends.

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“Experience the flexibility and agility your business needs with our short-term micro retail lease – seize prime locations, minimize commitment, and maximize your potential for success in the heart of the action.”

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Expanding Tourism.

Sharing its Benefits.

Discover the benefits at an unbeatable price.

Discover the benefits at an unbeatable price.