The Tourism Development Corporation of The Bahamas

50x50 & Venture Pitch Competition Overview

In celebration of the country’s 50th Independence anniversary, the Tourism Development Corporation has teamed up with the Royal Caribbean International to launch a multi-island training and pitch program for micro-businesses within the tourism sector.


Open to Bahamian entrepreneurs on the islands of New Providence, Grand Bahama, Exuma, and Abaco, this program seeks to identify the best upcoming and existing tour and excursion ventures – providing training, support, and opportunities for funding.

Program Goals

  • Empower and motivate Bahamians through a tailored training program designed to develop and strengthen entrepreneurial skills.


  • Provide funding opportunities to aid in the development and commercialization of new and innovative business concepts.


  • Promote and increase entrepreneurial opportunities within the tourism landscape, specifically in the tours and excursion sector.

Overview & Program Highlights

Fifty (50) budding entrepreneurs from the islands of New Providence (20), Grand Bahama (10), Exuma (10), and Abaco (10) will be selected to participate in an intense small business training program designed to develop and strengthen entrepreneurial skillsets over the course of a 5-week period.


In addition to the suite of training and support, the program also offers participants Business Plan Development, a professional webpage with eCommerce capabilities as well as Liability Insurance waivers.


Upon successful completion of the training, selected participants will be given an opportunity to compete and pitch their innovative concepts to secure grant funding awards.


Entrepreneurship Training

Business Plan Development

Custom webpage with eCommerce

Liability Waivers

Eligibility Criteria

  • Bahamian-Owned
  • Located on the islands of New Providence, Grand Bahama, Exuma, or Abaco
  • Tour & Excursion product offerings, only
  • Startup business in the conceptual phase or newly formed, but not operational for more than two (2) years.

Application Requirements

  • Elevator Pitch Video (not exceeding 1.5 minutes)
  • Business Plan 
  • Lean Canvas Model (embedded into the online application)
  • Valid Passport Photo Page
  • Valid NIB Card

Funding Awards

New Providence

One $10,000 grant

One $6,000 grant

One $4,000 grant

Grand Bahama

One $6,000 grant

One $4,000 grant

One $2,000 grant


One $4,000 grant

One $3,000 grant

One $2,000 grant


One $4,000 grant

One $3,000 grant

One $2,000 grant

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